The Official Top 50 G.O.A.T. Rappers

Aug 16, 2019

Over the past few days, Hip-Hop Heads have been in a frenzy on Instagram and Twitter battling over the top 50 greatest rappers of all time.

From DJs, producers, and fans to rappers like Talib Kweli and Lil Durk, everyone has been dropping their rankings for the best MCs. It doesn’t stop there, even the former heavyweight champion ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson has shared his best of the best.

We decided we wanted to get in on this and give y’all the official top 50 greatest rappers off all time (in order).

And, like Old Man Ebro from Hot 97 in NYC tweeted, “If ya list ain’t handwritten it don’t count…” 

So without further adieu, we present to you the top 50 G.O.A.T.S of Rap. No need for debate. 


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