Fashion Week 2018: 6 Most Stylish Artists In The Game Right Now

Nov 1, 2018

When it comes to style, it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it. While you may have the funds to buy runway names or the means to hire a stylist, that doesn’t necessarily make you an Influencer. Style comes from consistency and originality, from being true to who you are. It’s effortless and expressive, comfortable yet risky, minimal yet dramatic.

Style may be all of these things but at the end of the day, it’s up to the individual to put these pieces together in a unique way.

Style is you standing out in a world that forces us to blend in.

So what does style look like in 2018?

It’s everything from couture brands to fast fashion, designer sneakers to trendsetting streetwear. Even though the fashions have changed one thing that still remains is how influential artists are to the fashion culture.

Take Pharrell Williams as an example. Not only is he an accomplished artist and producer, but a fashion designer as well. And, oh, did we mention he is one of the executive producers of ComplexCon, arguably the biggest street culture event in the world?

As style continues to transcend barriers and innovators push fashion forward, allow us to introduce the 6 most stylish artists of 2018.

1. The Weeknd

Instagram: @theweeknd

The artist/designer Abel Tesfaye is better known as The Weeknd. He has the perfect moniker to express his chill yet ready for whatever style. The Weeknd’s preference for boxy jackets, long/fitted tees, slim jeans, and a crispy pair of sneakers has been established as the look in menswear right now. Back in 2016, Tesfaye became the brand ambassador for Puma where he collaborated on multiple collections with this legendary sportswear company. The Starboy has set the bar for being fresh every day of the week, not just the weekend.

2. Rihanna

Instagram: @badgalriri
Make no mistake Rihanna is the epitome of style. Awarded the fashion icon award by the CFDA in 2014, RiRi’s combination of fresh off the runway pieces and luxury street styles are flawless. The pop star’s knack for taking bold risk shows a commitment to staying true to herself. With the launch of her own makeup and lingerie lines, this singer/designer is not with the times, she is the times.

3. Pharrell Williams

In his late teens and early 20s. Grant Cardone struggled with alcohol and drug addiction. However. through hustle and devotion, Grant Cardone has become a highly sought after Real Estate Mogul, Investor, Entrepreneur, and Author. Grant is also the Founder of the 10x Growth Conference in which he helps aspiring and established entrepreneurs find success, financial freedom, and networking opportunities with fellow business minds.

4. Childish Gambino

Instagram: @childishgambino
Whether he goes by Childish Gambino or Donald Glover one thing is for certain; he is always smooth. The artist/comedian/actor hailing from Atlanta is arguably the most stylish jack of all trades in the game. From his preference for rocking vintage Hawaiian shirts and retro sneakers to getting dapper in velvet Gucci tuxes, Donald’s style matches his music, funky and carefree.

5. Teyana Taylor

Instagram: @teyanataylor
The G.O.O.D music songstress has been known to shut down a fashion show or two over the past few years. Her tendency to mix the around-the-way girl look with leading designers like Phillip Plein has been well documented. T.T.’s sexy-cool style allows her the flexibility to be both minimal and dramatic at the same damn time. It is this quality that sets her apart in an industry full of “Pretty Women.” Cheers to Teyana for keeping the same energy.

6. Frank Ocean

What Mr. Ocean possesses is a confidence that defies social norms and mainstream trends. His style encourages generations to do the same. With his exceptional taste in under the radar luxury streetwear brands like Bianca Chandon or matching a tailored designer suit with checkered Vans, Frank Ocean is definitely not someone who can be confined to a box.
Style is our declaration. It is a reflection of how we see ourselves and communicate that feeling to the world. Some of us like to keep it cool in a hoodie, jeans, and some nice kicks while others may prefer to class it up in something a little more formal.

Whatever your preferred look let these 6 artists show you that confidence and good taste is always in style.

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