Long Story Short: What Inspired The People Vs. The System Merch

Sep 2, 2021

It’s been one helluva year to say least since we first dropped our The People Vs. The System dad cap last summer. On top of everything else that goes on in our daily lives, we were in the beginning stages of a crippling worldwide pandemic/recession as well as knee-deep in the streets protesting and rioting against racism and police brutality across America.

If we are being honest, we didn’t see The People Vs. The System as being our first real introduction into the streetwear game. What started as a one-off has since turned into more of a statement piece. The cap was initially designed as a sign of solidarity to show that we stand alongside the people fighting against our oppressors for justice, equity, and equality not only in our own Bay Area backyard but all over the globe. Participating in the protests ourselves, we felt the pain, anger, and frustration first hand and realized The People Vs. The System merch was the most effective way for us to let the world know what side we’re on.

Thanks to you beautiful beings we were able to sell out our first two drops of The People dad caps with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Color of Change Organization to help them continue the fight against social injustice nationwide. Since then we followed up with The People beanies, released this past winter.

Due to the feedback we received on those two previous releases, The People demanded we drop The People Vs. The System T-shirt and honestly we can’t thank y’all enough for continuing to push us.

Truth be told these releases are special to us. They come at a time of uncertainty. A time when division is on the rise and we have no choice but to pick a side. A time when we need to depend more on each other to not only survive but to thrive in a society that is doing everything in its power to keep its foot on our necks, figuratively and literally. So we just want you to know whether you are rocking The People Vs. The System t-shirt, dad cap, or beanie that you are standing on the side of what’s right. You are uniting with those who envision living in a world powered by truth, justice, and equality versus one ruled by hypocrisy, tyranny, and destruction

For that, we appreciate you.

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