The 6 Hottest LGBTQ Artists In The Game

Jun 26, 2019

The world is changing. Our society as a whole is evolving and the music we listen to is a reflection of that. Pop culture as we know it today promotes inclusivity rather than placing restrictions on each other.

From the flamboyant to the low key queer and trans talents, the music industry is leading the way for the LGBTQ community to express themselves freely through their music. Multiple artists in the LGBTQ community have kicked the door down by being unapologetically bold, courageous, vulnerable, and conscious, creating critically-acclaimed art that not only showcases their talents but also proudly celebrates their identities.

Without further adieu, we present to you the 6Piece LGBTQ artists killing the game right now and leading us into a future in which we no longer judge humans based on their identity but by their character and their contributions to our culture.


Instagram: @lizzobeeating

You might have thought the Detroit-born Lizzo just appeared out of nowhere with her major label debut album “Cuz I Love You” but you’d be sadly mistaken. Lizzo has been on the scene for a good minute. With her knack for mixing hilarious yet intellectual raps with soulful hooks, her stock continues to rise as more and more folks begin to pay attention.

In April 2019, Lizzo performed at Coachella for the first time and headlined Pride at the State Capitol of California, Sacramento.


Instagram: @mnek

MNEK is the writer, singer, and producer out of London Town that has been on the scene since the age of 14. He has contributed his talents over the years to artists like Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Dua Lipa, and Madonna, just to name a few.

This genre-bending hitmaker’s ability to craft tracks from pop to R&B to UK garage is the reason he is in high demand. As a solo artist, MNEK’s unabashed bravado combined with a sweet vulnerability displays how comfortable he is with sharing his stories of self-love, new love, and heartbreak.

Sam Smith

Instagram: @samsmith

The Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter from across the pond, Sam Smith broke onto the music scene in 2012 when he lent his vocals to Disclosure’s 2012 hit single “Latch”. Since then Sam has dropped nothing but hits. From the heartbreaking ballad “Stay With Me” to the disco-inspired “Promises” by super-producer Calvin Harris. When he is not in the studio creating for himself he is crafting hits for artists like Jessie J and Mary J Blige.

It seems there’s nothing that Sam touches that doesn’t turn to platinum.


Instagram: @kehlani

If you haven’t heard of Kehlani by now you are missing out. The queer singer, songstress, and producer from our home turf, the Bay Area, has been consistently establishing herself as one of the hottest R&B/Hip-hop artists in the game right now. A Grammy-nominated artist, Kehlani has also composed work for Cardi B and Charlie Puth.

With the release of her major label debut album “SweetSexySavage” followed by a sold-out North American tour back in 2017, the public is anxiously awaiting to see what’s next for this shooting star.

Frank Ocean

Instagram: @blonded

Christopher Breaux, aka Frank Ocean, is a genius songwriter and skillful crooner with an unmatched ability to take pages from his personal life and transfer them into emotion-filled songs. Raised in New Orleans before moving to Long Beach, Frank was first introduced to the industry via the LA hip-hop collective Odd Future back in 2007. He eventually decided to fly solo and dropped his underground mixtape “Nostalgia, ULTRA” in 2011 followed by his classic debut album “Channel Orange” in 2012.

The mystifying cult icon continues his reign behind the scenes working with upper echelon talents such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, & Kanye West to name drop a few. In many ways, Frank has opened the door for many LGBTQ R&B and Hip-Hop artists to feel comfortable expressing their sexuality through their music.


Instagram: @syd

The seductive Los Angeles jack-of-all-trades Sydney Loren Bennett, aka Syd, does it all. From singer, songwriter, and producer to engineer and DJ, there is nothing she can’t bless with her Midas touch.

Possessing the ability to flow between neo-soul, hip-hop, and electronica effortlessly, her genre-bending style showcases all of her many talents. Branching out on her own with her crazy, sexy, cool-esque 2017’s debut album “Fin”, she displayed both confidence and vulnerability.

Since her release, Syd has contributed to projects with rising stars Daniel Caesar, Vic Mensa, and more.  As another member of Odd Future and the lead vocalist of the eclectic group The Internet, Syd’s easily fits in but her swagger stands out.

So there you have it. Our 6Piece of the hottest LGBTQ artists in the game right now. Drop a comment below and let us know your top 6 picks and if any of the artists we selected made your list.

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