The Daytona Experience

Aug 14, 2018

On May 25th, King Push, aka Pusha T, dropped Daytona, the hip hop album of the year. To say I was overjoyed is an understatement, but the Hip Hop Head in me wouldn’t allow me to stream his new project like a random SoundCloud mixtape.

I read the blogs, heard the rumors, got caught up in the hype of Pusha vs Drizzy beef, the whole nine.

Yet I still forced myself to wait.

Fellow Hip Hop Heads hit my line like “Whatsup B, did you hear the new Pusha T?” Texting me which tracks they thought were the best and sending me Lyrics they thought were the hardest. But I still couldn’t do it. The 90s kid at heart told me I had to do the right thing. Buy the hard copy. So that’s what I did.

I went on to Pusha’s site, checked out the merch (I’ll be back to snatch a couple pieces for sure), put the CD in the cart and pressed pay. I even received a complimentary download with my purchase that I still haven’t added to my playlist to this day.

I impatiently waited on my Dealer (Artist) to come through. I waited 2 months for the pack to finally arrive in the mail and it finally came today.

“See, an artist the caliber of Push demands a certain level of respect. This is the type of music you have to set the mood for.”

And let me tell you it was worth the wait.

See, an artist the caliber of Push demands a certain level of respect. This is the type of music you have to set the mood for. So, I hopped in the whip, cracked open the plastic, read over the production credits, soaked in the pages, and then slid the CD into the deck. I peeled off the curb and went for a ride.

I checked it out 3 times not skipping one track. I allowed myself to dive into Pusha’s world.

If you haven’t listened to King Push, you’re missing out. He delivers decadent street tales over dark instrumentals so effortlessly time after time. Push pulls us into a life a crime with the intro track, ‘If You Know You Know,’ and makes you never want to leave the game by the last track, ‘Infrared.’

As far as the production, I personally haven’t been a fan of Ye since ‘Watch The Throne.’ However, this one felt as if Yeezy custom made these tracks specifically for Pusha’s extravagant kingpin escapades.

I will say this, Push left me fiending for another dose. But, I guess that’s what good a Dealer (Artist) is supposed to do.

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