Bobby Meets Bobby: Bobby Hundreds ‘This Is Not a T-Shirt’ Book Tour Hits Portland

Nov 27, 2019

Since my freshman year at Tennyson High in Hayward, California I’ve been inspired by street culture. From music to fashion to activism and the hustler’s mentality, these elements have always been present. Fast forward more than a few years after I graduated and I found myself attempting to climb the ladder in corporate America while making every excuse to put my dreams on hold. Then one day, an idea popped into my mind to build a community and lifestyle brand for artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Inspired by the streetwear brand from LA The Hundreds and the hip-hop and skate culture here in California, I wanted to create a place where we can all share a passion for the culture that I love and also advocate for social equality.

So, it’s no surprise that when I was out and about in Portland a few weeks ago checking out the scene downtown and I stumbled across the massive bookstore Powell Books hosting a discussion with co-founder of The Hundreds, Bobby Kim (aka Bobby Hundreds) about his new book, This is not a T-Shirt, I had to check it out. I felt like this must be a sign from above and maybe even a little foreshadowing! Who knows. All I know is I turned to my good friend and travel companion Brownie to let her know that I have to attend this event and I’m so glad I did.

I arrived at the bookstore early to purchase his book and then headed upstairs to the 3rd floor to grab a seat up front, eagerly awaiting the event to get underway. By the time Bobby arrived to take his seat at the table with Christopher Bevans (founder of Dyne Life, the man behind bringing Kanye West Nike Air Yeezys to life, and an icon in the streetwear industry in his own right) the space was packed.

During the hour and a half conversation, I listened as Bobby and Chris dropped gems on the hardships and rewards of the entrepreneurial journey, the current state of streetwear, and staying true to your vision. Bobby and Chris also shared some great tools on how to build a community around your brand and how to develop your idea from a concept to one that will have longevity and serve a purpose in an ever-changing fashion climate.

All in all, this was truly an inspirational event that we had the privilege of sharing with our fellow designers, creators, and brand owners within the street culture community.

Salute to Bobby for putting on this event. It truly showed us what is possible once you put hard work behind your passion. I truly appreciate the interaction and the conversation made me want to go even harder to bring my vision to life.

As I said, I picked up Bobby’s new book, This is not a T-Shirt, and will be writing up my review in the next few weeks, so make sure to be on the lookout for that!

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