6 Classic Sneakers That Never Go Out Of Style

Aug 13, 2021

What’s the point of putting together a dope outfit without the kicks to match? A fresh pair of sneakers is to clothes what chips are to salsa, it just flows. One look at your sneaks and we can decipher different things about your personality, what you’re into, and your overall taste and style. For example, do you pick your kicks based on trends or comfort? Luxury or hobby? For some, sneakers are nothing more than a utility, something we throw on our feet to get from point A to B. However, for us fashionistas and sneaker connoisseurs, a pair of shoes is more than just a piece of our day-to-day wear. Sneakers are a prime example of how we choose to express ourselves and define our unique style in an ever-changing culture.

From kickbacks to the office to happy hour and every place we stepped in between our love for sneakers runs deep. Quite frankly sneakerheads don’t feel complete without something crispy on their feet. Whether these joints are the universal favorite Vans or an athletic champion like Nike, certain styles have not only defined genres but are the inspiration behind today’s hottest designs (Yes, we’re looking at you Yeezy and Fear of God.)

It’s only right then that we take a moment to celebrate some of the most influential and iconic sneakers of all time. We’ve put together an award-winning ensemble of 6 classic sneakers that, no matter if you are 7 or 77, will never go out of style.

Converse Chuck Taylors

There’s something timeless about rocking a fresh pair of Chucks, aka Chuck Taylors. Designed by basketball player Charles Hollis “Chuck” Taylor, this timeless shoe was first introduced by Converse way back in the 1920s and has been a staple of the shoe game ever since. Seen on everyone from punk rock legends Green Day to gangsta rap supergroup N.W.A., this highly versatile shoe can be paired with your favorite jeans or dressed up with some new chinos, take your pick.

Fun fact: the Chuck Taylor All-Stars are the most successful selling basketball shoe of all time. Not bad Chuck. Not bad.

Nike Air Max 1

Nike’s Air Max 1 sprinted onto the scene in 1987 and remains a must-have for true sneaker enthusiasts worldwide some 30+ years later. This exceptional running shoe was made popular in part to its visible Max Air technology, or what we sneakerheads commonly refer to as the “Air Bubble,” a first-ever sneaker design crafted by visionary footwear designer Tinker Hatfield. The Air Max 1 has been a pillar in street culture for decades and continues to grow in popularity even today. As a matter of fact, the Air Max 1 was one of the first retro designs to be re-released in the sneaker community.

Guess there’s nothing like having a fresh pair of Air Max on your feet, no matter the era.

Vans Authentic / Sk-8 Hi

Frankly, you can’t even discuss skate and surf culture without mentioning this legendary brand. Hailing from our home state of California, this sneaker giant’s foothold on west coast style runs deep. Founded in 1966 by the Van Doren brothers Paul and James, along with their business partner Gordon Lee, the Vans skate shoe not only defined a genre but inspired many other companies to follow in their footsteps. Whether it’s the Vans Authentic original skate design or the Sk-8 Hi, these skateboarding shoes have set the standard as to what a skate shoe should be. This brand has seen impressive collaborations with the who’s who in street fashion, including Fear of God, Neighborhood, and RHUDE, with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Skate on!

Air Jordan 1

What can we say about Michael Jordan’s first-ever signature shoe that hasn’t already been said? Since the Air Jordan 1 jumped onto the scene in 1984, this basketball sneaker is just as iconic as the man it was designed for. The banning of the Jordan 1’s by the NBA only helped to increase the demand and is considered by many in the sneaker industry to be the defining moment of sneaker culture. From Hipsters to Rappers, Athletes to Actors, and everyone in between, we all share one thing in common: the fondness we felt when we bought our first pair of Jordans. The combination of can-do-anything confidence blended together with a defiant style, every time you lace up is hypnotic.

Whether we are rocking jays with a fresh jogger set or a crisp 3-piece suit, we all just want to be like Mike.

ADIDAS Superstar

Ever since the Adidas Superstar was released in 1969, this retro classic has been one of the sportswear company’s best-selling shoes of all time. Introduced as a low-top basketball sneaker, the Superstar is recognized as a universal lifestyle shoe and has changed the sneaker game due to its massive appeal. Famously known as the “Shell Toe” because of the one-of-a-kind design, this quintessential footwear went from being worn by basketball greats Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the 70s to rap pioneers Run DMC in the 80s, the latter even crafted a smash hit, “My Adidas,” inspired by the signature sneaker. Fast forward a few decades and Adidas superstars remain a bastion in the sneaker game due in part to major collaborations with A Bathing Ape and Undefeated, along with special offerings by Pharrell and Missy Elliott.

From the basketball court to the streets there is no denying the Superstar’s influence on hip-hop culture around the world.

Air Force 1

The original Air Force 1’s, known as the Uptown (Harlem), first stepped onto the scene back in 1982 and hasn’t stepped out of the spotlight since. As one of Nike’s most noteworthy designs in the history of the sportswear enterprise, the AF1s have remained a force (pun intended) to be reckoned with in sneaker culture. This basketball/lifestyle shoe has been worn by everyone from Charles Barkley to Jeezy and represents the essence of street culture to this day. Whether you’re rocking the “coke white”, the “all black joints,” or whatever colorway is trending at the time, you can never go wrong with a fresh pair of Airs. Perfect for any occasion, from black tie events to a day at the beach, these kicks are guaranteed to turn heads. And, in the words of Jay-Z, one of New York’s own rapper/fashion connoisseur, “Specially when you’re sittin on 20s they get nauseous, standin’ in the Azure with the white Air Forces.” If this line doesn’t make you want to go grab a pair of AF1s asap then I don’t know what will.

Or better yet, in the words of rap star Nelly, make it two pairs just in case.

It doesn’t matter if you go with the rarest pair of Jordans, a crispy new pair of Vans, or decide to cop all 6 to add to your collection, you can never go wrong with any of these classics.

Which pair(s) will you be rocking in 2021 and beyond? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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  1. Ben Tamondong

    Street approved write up!

    You had me at Shell tops! (Aka Superstars). Still got mine. They represent hip-hop and the street in so many ways! Breakdancing to Emcees to graffiti. Then, just when it seemed to go extinct, they made a come back in the late 90s/early 2000s raves. Since then they will never go out of style. Last year, 2020, I walked by a young blood skateboarder rockin them and I had to let him know he made a good choice. AND…They are the sickest looking snowboard boots I gotta get!

    I was glad Nike has the customize option. I was finally able to get some Air Max 1s in a color scheme I like. Better late than never.


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