6 Most Influential Hip-Hop Producers Of All Time

What are your favorite rapper’s bars without a dope beat? Masterful wordplay, jaw-dropping lyrics, and smooth melodies minus a clean instrumental is like a bowl of frosted flakes but you forgot the milk. Without these influential hip-hop producers, where would we be?

Dapper Dan’s “Made in Harlem” is the American Dream

Dapper Dan is the definition of a hustler. In his memoir dutifully titled “Made in Harlem,” the Harlem bred designer and street style icon details his unconventional rise from a journalist for a Black-owned newspaper to becoming everything from a slick-talking dice roller and credit card scammer to transforming into an undeniable fashion icon and savvy business owner.

6 West Coast Creatives You Need To Know Right Now

In our effort to celebrate creativity, we rounded up six individuals who not only have their hands in our culture but who are also establishing themselves as ambassadors of all things cool.